Multiple Controllers

Looking for a link or an article on multiple controllers. I have a keyboard for strings, brass, synth samples, but I want to use an electronic drumkit for percussion tracks. THANK YOU!

Hi you,

using multiple Controllers with cubase is working perfectly.

I do so myself. I have an AKAI MP18 with pads. Since you can use midi Input selection on any midi track in cubase you simply assign the correct midi port to your track and you are done!

In my Setup I used to have a Novation SL61, a Novation ZeroSL, the AKAI and my Motif XF as midi Controllers. (Alongside with the avid Controllers for Controlling cubase itself).

Now I replaced the Novation SL61 by a Komplete Kontrol.

HTH, Ernst

thank you!

another newbie issue, which I just haven’t figured out yet, is that I can hit several notes on drum pads, but it seems to only record the very first note, could this be a quantize issue, where I need to set a smaller note, such as a 32nd or something? thank you

Hi, does this only occur when you use drumpads ? In other words: Does midi-recording normal Keyboard keys work correctly?

hth, ernst

It did but at this point I have done something where it won’t even acknowledge my keyboard, I need to reset or something. and I notice on this forum a category “has thanked” and “has been thanked” I would certainly want to thank you for your help, does this pick up from my comments or is there an official thank button or option? THANK You!!

Hi you, the “thank” button is the “thumbs up Symbol” in the right upper Corner of the posting you want to thank for.

But this is not so important :slight_smile:

Back to your Problem: In order to have all MIDI-Connections recognized by cubase you unfortunately have to restart cubase. Sometimes it may even be necessary to restart your Computer to recognize connected midi devices.

As soon as all your devices are connected to your Computer, restart it. Then restart cubase. Now you should have all midi ins and Outs available for selection, i.e as well your Keyboard and your drum Controller.

hth. Ernst

PS.: Dont hesitate to ask again and again.

Ernst, just in case you weren’t aware, you only have to restart Cubase if you are on a PC. On a Mac you can start Cubase, then turn on controllers and they are immediately recognized. Very handy when one forgets to turn them on before, or wishes to add one part way through a session as I sometimes do with a nanoKontrol unit. Guess this is one small advantage to using Macs. Cheers…frank

Oh Marc, thank you!

I always tend to only talk about “my Setting”, i.e. Cubase on a PC. Thanks for your hint!

Cheers, Ernst

thanks! could the issue with the drum pads be latency?


I am not sure… I would recommend you insert the midi Monitoring vst into one of the midi-insert-Slots of the midi track you are using (the one where the midi from your PADS is routed to) and have a look which midi commands arrive here.

Does cubase really only record the first note to the midi track? (Have a look with midi Editor or inplace editing).

hth, Ernst

thank you I will try that!

Hi, I’m glad you guys re talking about this. I have to midi controller keyboards connected to Cubase 8.5. On my 88 key, sounds are correct and great BUT on my other keyboard, sounds are harsh and don’t reflect the true patches. How can I adjust the one controller to sound as good as the 88 key?

Well, pepdawn, this is a completely different Story.

You are - if I get you right - using two different Controllers, aren’t you? Both are midi-Controllers and you use them for Controlling a vsti? (which one?).

If so: Usually the midi Controllers do not influence the Sound, they simply transmit note on and note off commands. The difference can be the velocity curves. If one of your Controllers always transmits Maximum velocity with every note on, it might Sound quite different from what you are used to. This behaviour can be changed on some contollers.
Another source of Sound differences could be the Modulation wheel or other midi Controllers.

The patches remain the same of course.

hth, Ernst

Yes, thank you for responding. I’m using both controllers to control all vst instruments. I use one at a time depending on wher I m in the studio. The Aleses Q88 sounds great with velocity no sensitivity but the Aleses Q61 plays notes the same without sensitivity or velocity. I want to use either keyboard with velocity and sensitivity. Not sure how to fix that on the Q61.

Hi, as far as I know the Alesis Q61 of course also has a full dynamic, just like the Q88. in other words both are velocity sensitive.

I suggest you insert the midi Monitor into the tracks midi insert Slots and have a look at the velocity values that the Controller sends to cubase. Just in case all of the values are equal I suspect your Q61 to be broken.

hth, Ernst

Awesome. I’ll do that and see what happens.
I reset the keyboard using the "reset"command. If that doesn’t work I’ll try your suggestion.

In the other thread that also treats this Topic someone stated that the Q61 has a Kind of “fixed” velocity (that can be adjusted, but the keypressing does not dynamically send different velocity values). If this is true (you should check with your Manual) then there might be no solution to your Problem, since the two Controllers simply work differently.

hth, Ernst