Multiple Crashes with OSX 10.12.2

I have been quiet for quite a long time but I decided to write as I am fed up to get more and more crashes with Wavelab 8.5 on my MacBookPro using the last OSX!
So I waste a lot of time saving my work at every step, being afraid of losing all my work! Sometimes it is only playing back a file : I get the spinning disk and a few seconds later, crash! Now it is every time I am ripping a CD with the option “Convert to a Basic Audio CD”, at the end when the Basic Audio CD appears on the screen, but only fleeting, and crash ! Of course I have to rebuilt the Basic Audio CD but, thanks God , by chance the audio files are not affected (i.e. not corrupted) . I have read from PG, on this forum, the problem comes from the USB, but what the ripping has to do with UBS? Totally disappointed and to do something I connected my RME UCX audio interface to the firewire instead of the USB, but It doesn’t make any difference as long as the crashes are concern…
When the Wavelab team will do something about this software becoming totally unreliable and unpredictable? It’s a shame really !
AMG (using Wavelab from 11/2013)

I am in no way trying to be “defensive” of WL and am not running WL on a mac but, I can say that 10.11 is still totally flakey on our main office computer. Multiple random and recurring issues with with basic apps like Office for Mac and even browsers. It also seems to be randomly changing permissions: eg a document created with specific permissions, saved and closed then displays as “read only”. Does not play well with networks of two or more macs with previous operating systems. Still occasionally shuts down and restarts without warning.

So … and I again stress that I am in no way trying to be “defensive” of WL … what I would like to know is when is Apple going to give us a new OSX that is stable and transparent enough to allow developers … like Microsoft and Steinberg for example … to be able to provide reliable software to us consumers.

(I am guessing you are referring to 10.11.2 and not a beta version of 10.12 as per the the subject title)


I’m not trying to be a smart(xxx) but
using an older OSX can be the solution for now
and wait out Apple so they can get there xxxx together .-)

I’m using OSX 10.9.5 works fine with WL 8.5

regards S-EH

True, with my old OSX I had not many crashes with WL but on the other hand, with OSX 10.12.2, I don’t have many crashes with the other applications (I do not have a lot anyway), I can remember one with Keynote and a few with Firefox, never with Thunderbird and with the most used after WL: Tex/Latex for Physics lectures.
There is also an irritating behaviour which makes me nearly mad is the pop up window of the Steinberg Maximizer when opening WL! I always save the setting in the Master Section with the Maximizer window closed, but nevertheless this window opens, why not the Compressor window or the EQ, I cannot tell !!!

I have been speaking with a studio that runs another (ie not WL) program on this OS.

They found the following: Keep Spotlight disabled and all Energy Saver options set to "never“. Also deactivate Time Machine when doing anything mission critical.

One or more of these fixes seemed to dramatically improve stability. I pass them on in case they help you.

Personally however … this OS is the gift that keeps on giving. Did the update to .2. Now it is even flakier. For example, open a simple word document. Edit it. Save it. Select print and pdf from the lower left as usual.

The print preview displays as a blank just before the spinning beachball of death appears. Can only exit via Force Quit.

Open Word again. Create the pdf (this time it all works). Attach the pdf to an email in Outlook. preview the pdf attachment and … yep. Preview now displays the document as blank (requiring a quit of Preview).

Cursor randomly appears larger and then normal. Sometimes disappearing until passed over the dock.

At least the random, without warning, shut down and restarts appear to have stopped.

And these are just a basic Word, pdf and email functions. It is no wonder that we are seeing reports of WL having issues on this latest OS X.

I have been a mac user for music since at least OS 9.1 and we have four macs right now. This is seriously testing my loyalty.