Multiple crashes

Hi there,

Nuendo 6 works pretty well but crashes sometimes with not fixed behavior. Should I trash the preferences and start over? I just copied the 5.5 preferences. I don’t want to do it fresh because is a serious pain in the a$$ and I have TONS of I/O and label settings.

Any suggestion?


I did it, I started with fresh preferences and crashes are still here. The projects are pretty CPU intensive, but the play without glitches. Any idea?

This is going to be an even bigger pain but it’s something I’ve had to do on PT several times;

How about you not only regenerate fresh preferences but also import tracks rather than open up an old project? In PT what I’ve had to do when some sessions have been irreparably damaged is just that; trash prefs (automatic rebuild), open new session, import tracks from old session in chunks into the new one.

Btw, a bit confused: Are you saying that you can open up stuff and play back without glitches but you then get a crash? How about you start playing back a project and time it. Perhaps the crash occurs under always the same circumstances. Or how about importing tracks in chunks and testing between loading the next chunk. Perhaps you’ll notice a batch of tracks that when imported crash your project?

Are you running on 10.6.8 as it says in your sig?

I’m running 10.7.4 and have had few problems. Running in 32-bit enviro for right now too, though.

Yes, still in 10.6.8


Sorry, this isn’t a solution but rather another post on crashes.
I installed N6 yesterday. I can’t open any 5 or 5.5 sessions without N6 crashing. Not one.
I managed to redo all my basic settings in N6 (manually as opposed to importing from N5. I’m gonna do this the hard way and keep N5 for previous projects if need be, but use N6 for new ones). As soon as I select an input, it freezes.
So basically, I cannot open past projects or start new ones. I’ve reinstalled but haven’t had any success.
This happened with N4. It never worked… Nobody could get it to work. N5 works like charm… from day one.
I didn’t expect N6 to be this finicky.
I’ve been using Cubase/Nuendo since the late '80s so I know my way around it… but this, I cannot figure out.

Anyone else experiencing this type of behaviour?


PC win7 64 bit, RME HDSP, UAD…

Have you tried it in 32-bit? If it works you have a great start to the troubleshooting path.


I found that large projects in 32 bits could be a reason to crash, but now in 64 bits, it’s still crashing. Probably the project is already corrupt.

I have to confess that for the first time I’m seriously thinking to move to Pro Tools 10 HD as mixing DAW and keep a Cubase just for sequencing…

I don’t even want to contact with the Steinberg support service. For them, almost everything is a “performance” problem, and them they leave it unresolved.

I ask about 32 bit not because of project size, but because of the number of 32-bit plugins that don’t work with the various bridging options and have been shown to be at the root of crashes and other odd behavior for other users.

In other words, unless you’re just using plugins that are fully up-to-date and known to be compatible, you’re playing with fire in 64-bit.

Are you crashing in 32-bit in N6? My Mac’s nearly as old as yours, and I’m running fine. In 32-bit, at least until UAD comes out with 64 for Mac.


The projects that I’ve modified in N6 crashes in N5.5 too.

This is driving me nuts, I swear.

Hi Antonio,
which version of the UAD software do you use?
I have the latest 6.5.2 -but on a win 7_64bit intel i5 PC—and i got got freezes already on VST mixer load…
Problem both with 64 bit and 32 bit Nuendo 6…
I trashed preferences already 20 times or so…
On my notebook-without the UADs installed N6 works great…
I am trying to find someone with the same problem!



Yes, I have the last UAD soft