Multiple Crashes

Hello… I’m rather regularly (multiple times this morning already) these notifications… I am sending the reports to Steinberg… how do I learn what is going on to avoid the problem?

Can you generate a Diagnostic Report from the Help menu in the Hub and attach it here. Reports sent directly to Steinberg (IIRC) do not identify them as coming from you, so posting a report here will allow @dspreadbury , @Ulf, or another Development Team member to analyze the report and get back to you here.

Diagnostic report and the 3 logs from this morning (+ 1 from last night) attached…

Dorico (745.8 KB)

Dorico 5-2023-12-21-064656.ips (68.6 KB)
Dorico 5-2023-12-21-063713.ips (68.4 KB)
Dorico 5-2023-12-21-063359.ips (68.2 KB)
Dorico 5-2023-12-20-180236.ips (60.9 KB)

Hello @DoYouLikeHam - a couple of extra clues maybe, as to what you were doing right at or just before the crashes occur might also help the team I’m sure.

Secondly, as outlined in the Crash Report dialog you posted, are you still having problems exiting from Dorico cleanly/reliably…? Or is that no longer an issue…?

@Puma0382 just moving notes around in the last one… but then, it happened again as I was actually not even at my machine… I came back to this

and to your question about the clean close… I was able to easily reproduce…

I thought, perhaps, it is related/conflicting w/ some other app open at the same time… but I rebooted, and can reproduce the same as in the video, even w/o other apps running.

Thanks for submitting the diagnostic reports. I can see that the crash is related to clicking and possibly dragging something, but from the crash log I can’t see exactly what’s happening. Are you able to reproduce this problem at will? If so, please provide us with some steps to reproduce the crash so we can take a closer look and hopefully quickly fix the problem.

I’ll keep an eagle eye out for it… but as noted in video above…. I can get unexpected behavior just by open document / closing / reopening Dorico.

If you quit and restart Dorico in very quick succession, you can run into problems. As Dorico quits, the separate VST Audio Engine process needs to exit, and so does the Steinberg License Engine process. The crash dumps that are shown in your video are audio engine crash logs. Ulf would have to look at them to be able to say for sure what’s happening there.

I’m particularly interested in the crashes you’ve experienced when actually using the software, not when repeatedly quitting and restarting it, so if you can pin down the issue you’ve experienced with dragging notes, please let me know.

@dspreadbury it seems to be every time I close the application… whether open for 5 sec, or 5 min or 30 min.

Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here. Presumably we’ll find a bunch of audio engine crash logs in there, and we’ll hopefully be able to say why it’s crashing.