Multiple Crashing Cubase Pro

This could be multiple issues but I’m having a hard time tracking down the cause. Cubase Pro consistently crashes although sometimes random it seems to happen most when opening closing a project.

The other issue is the Deesser on the channel strip, somehow when i turn it on it makes the track soundalike a chorus/low bit rate sample. Like that plugin has run out of CPU usage? The other plugins are fine throughout the project. When i turn it off, Cubase Crashes. When i reboot and try to turn it on, Cubase Crashes.

I have Cubase 7 & 7.5 and these have worked fine for me. Ive never had any issues till Cubase Pro & have been using Cubase since the SX version on both PC and OS X platforms. Ive also uninstalled Waves plugins and other third party plugins to see if these are having an effect on why its crashing. Sometimes this looks like I’ve found the solution but then Cubase will crash again.

Although its rather simple to state that one should wait till a more stable version is released, I disagree. The end user is paying for something it should work reasonably. This version is not working reasonably on my system. I still love Cubase however, I’ve never been so frustrated with a piece of software than this version.

Im a pretty computer savvy person and have troubleshooted my way out of various other bugs and workarounds before by both a bit of Google-Fu and using this vary forum. But for now, Ill be using 7.5 and will hesitate on any future releases.

I’ve got this De-esser problem too but it seems to be getting addressed:

C Pro 8.0.5, W7, all 64-bit

Ah I missed that, thanks!