Multiple Cubase 5 workstations

I use Cubase 5 for Windows with my main desktop DAW. I also have a separate Windows laptop that I use for normal work. I’m interested in networking my laptop and desktop DAW workstation so that my laptop running Vista hosts Cubase 5, and my desktop DAW will be triggered running Kontakt, YT Independence Pro, Tassman, etc. through some vst host app.

So my question is, being that my legit Cubase 5 license has been used with my desktop PC, do I have to buy another physical license of Cubase in order to run Cubase on my laptop from the usb dongle; or can I just transfer my usb to my laptop to run Cubase?


That’s what the dongle is for, you can install Cubase on as many machines as you want, but can only run it on the computer the dongle is plugged into.

Thanks Paul, I wasn’t certain if your license was also dependant upon your PC’s MAC Address as well, or some other hardware component.

Officially it´s: the license may be installed on max. 3 Computers that are in your possession.

Really ? :open_mouth: that sucks, I didn’t know that :frowning:

Doesn’t make a lot of sense though, how are the dongle police gonna know ?

@PaulBryce - That was kind of my point… Not that I’m complaining, but I just wanted to think about how I could setup a midi-over-lan environment effectively with Cubase. But a simple ethernet-midi environment.