Multiple Cubase careful

I got caught out yesterday using C8.03 on location on the MacBook Pro, in a way which I hadn’t expected, so this might help someone.

I put C8.5 on the studio Mac, but as I had a location recording coming up the next day decided not to risk a new update on the MacBook. Of course I use the same ELc dongle for both installations of Cubase.

What I didn’t expect was that the ELc controller on the MacBook would not recognise the new C8.5 licence, and refuse to load C8.03 on the Macbook. So even though I had sensibly decided not to update ahead of a session, I got caught by the update anyway. I got “Unknown Sternberg License”.

Of course, I should have checked everything was working before the location setting, but I didn’t, so there’s another good lesson.


update of eLicenser Control Center would help in this case. This message comes, when you have an older eLCC application, which was released before the Cubase version which activation code you are using on the USB-eLicenser.

Indeed, Martin, and had I checked the MBP before setting off to the location, that’s what I would have done. Finding the issue at the venue was a nasty surprise, and even though I was able to get Wifi coverage, for some reason the eLC would not update, I got ‘cant connect to the server’ even though the internet generally was connected. Probably some issue with the LAN I was on.

I always try to have a backup system available , and I was able to use that.