Multiple Cubase installations on single subscription?

Hi Steinberg.

Is it possible to pay for Cubase 7 and install it on 2 computers of the same customer? So is it possible to have 2 of those USB licenser sticks?

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You’ll need to buy two licenses, in order to have 2 usb sticks.
With one usb stick you can run cubase on more than one computer, but not at the same time, and you’ll need the usb dongle plugged on the computer that it is running cubase.

you can install Cubase 3 times on different machines if you wish but you will still have to move the dongle to the machine you choose to use unless you buy another licence

hey there, recently purchased C7 and loving it, just want to ask, I bought it as a CDs plus attached USB elicenser, is it possible to do digital download when my notebook doesn’t have CD drive?

thanks a lot

yes from the steinberg download page