Multiple cue mixes in the same time

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I’m trying to prepare everything for my band’s rehearsal. This is a trio. I want for each musician to be able to hear his own mix. So I created 3 cue mixes and 3 monitors in cubase. I have an interface with 10 outputs. 1&2 are for the main mix, 3&4 are for me, 5&6 are for the guitar player and 7&8 are for the drummer. I have a headphone amplifier for each stereo pair.
The problem is that I can’t manage to send the 3 different cue mixes to their 3 specific monitors in the same time. When I open the Control Room tab, I can click on “A”, “B” or “C” to chose which of the 3 stereo pairs I want the cue mix to be sent to. As well, I can click on “C1”, C2" or “C3” to select which of the 3 cue mixes I want to send.
However, it looks impossible to send cue mix “C1” to monitor “A” in the same time that sending cue mix “C2” to monitor “B” and cue mix “C3” to monitor “C”.

Have you got any idea about how to do this?
Thank you

Create AMAZING Headphone CUE MIXES in CUBASE PRO - YouTube

you make the mixes on the cue send. he makes 1 cue mix, just repeat for more

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The Cue Mixes are being sent out to the defined outputs and you can monitor each in the control room but the mixes should still be going out to the headphones connected to the outputs defined in the control room audio connections. The control room allows you to monitor the 3 different cue mixes.
Do you hear the 3 mixes in the headphones connected to outputs 3/4, 5/6, 7/8?

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Maistro is here :point_up:

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thank you to all of you, I managed to do what I was trying to do. :blush: