Multiple DAW Question

A question for those of you who use Pro Tools AND Nuendo. Do you keep them on separate computers or do you have them both on the same computer? Is there a reason/advantage to keep them separate? Does it make any difference?

Hi Key,
I have Nunedo 8, Pro Tools 10 HD and Pro Tools 11 running on the same Windows PC and have zero problems. Sometimes I have Nuendo and Pro Tools running at the same time on 2 different layers of my SSL Nucleus using the same sound card even though that’s really not suppose to work. HTH.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve got a pair of ADK PC’s. I’m Running N8.3 on the newer one (Win 10 Pro) and I was thinking of running a used copy of PT12 Native on the older one (Win7 Pro currently. But I could upgrade it to Win 10). But I was also looking for something to replace Vegas, which doesn’t work with my Artist Series Controllers at all! I’m looking at Final Cut & Media Composer BECAUSE, I was told at Avid that, they will work with my Controllers. I thought they were Mac Only apps. But learned there were Window Versions. So the revised plan was to run N8 & PT12 on the newer PC and make a dedicated Video PC with the older one.

So far, I can’t even get Media Composer First to even open on the newer PC!! It starts to open, tries to connect with all of these old VSTi plugs, like Drumagog 5 and, when it can’t, it stops the launch! :angry: What’s that about?

Anyway, thanks for the info. That will help a lot with my decision. :wink: