multiple different audio systems simultaneously

First, some background. I’m a long time user MOTU’s Digital Performer (since DP 4.5) and use a combination of MOTU AVB interfaces (Monitor 8, 1248) and a UAD Twin (for its Unison preamp emulation). With Digital Performer, I can configure use of both the UAD and MOTU interfaces at the same time since DP supports multiple audio systems simultaneously.

It would be very nice if Cubase allowed this, but it appears it can select only a single audio system (Devices->Device Setup->VST Audio System, then select ONE from the popup). So, it appears to allow using the MOTU interfaces OR the UAD, but not both (well, I could go optical out of the MOTU into the UAD for 8 additional channels, but that’s not why I invested in AVB).

Am I missing something, or is this a true limitation rather than user error? If Cubase is indeed limited in this way, I’ll take this opportunity to submit a feature request :mrgreen:

Everything else about Cubase (UI, feature set, etc) suits my workflow perfectly

This Is one of my main request.
In Logic, as an example, allows you to define an audio device for ouput an a different one for input. that´s great!

Use a device for outputs and another one for the inputs, is really common on those who use analog summing.


Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s more of a Windows/ASIO issue, I think.

I don´t think so… In the DAW software should give you the chance to setup one interface for output and another one for input as it works in Logic on Mac…

Because of Aggregate Device feature on Mac. Win doesn’t have that.

Aggregare Device, doesn´t work properly… It´s not stable in my experience.

You post has allowed me to solve my problem.
I’m using a condenser and dynamic mic. My audio interface which has 2 mic inputs turns phantom power on for both and with the phantom power on, I would get noise with my dynamic mic. I wanted to use more than 1 audio interface but the VST audio system (Devices>Device Setup>VST Audio System) would only let me use 1 ASIO driver at a time.
So I googled aggregate device and found this article on how to use more than 1 ASIO input:
Thank you for your post, it sent me in the right direction.

That’s awesome! Glad I could help in some way.