Multiple display reset

I had a project where I used multiple displays. Now when i go back to just 1 display, everything is off to one side. How can I reset Cubase to put all of the windows on my main display? Is there a data file I can delete in the app data folder and cubase will repopulate the windows in a default location?

Is the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the screen? If so, scroll and drag the windows to the correct place. There’s a link in my sig as to what each Pref file contains.

Thanks for your reply. This is exactly what im trying to avoid though. Isn’t there a file or some data I can edit that would be faster than dragging the windows? crap. it’s embedded in the .cpr project file itself isn’t it… :nerd:

I guess i have a feature request then…plugin specific window population rule. a given plugin would always appear at a specific location on screen via a user definable preset… :nerd:

Wouldn’t that be a request to the plug-in developer? Not a Cubase request?

nevermind. i just realized that if i tell windows to use a single display (duplicate instead of extend desktop) cubase will repopulate the video window back on the main screen. Unfortunately the problem still exists for the plugins and VST Rack. This is a steinberg request not a plugin request, because cubase dictates where the plugin window is.

Trashing prefs will restore all windows to their default locations (see mashedmittens signature.)
That feature request already works for me, window location of both cubase windows and 3rd party plugs are saved with the project.