Multiple Displays and Setting Where Cubase Windows Appear


I’m quite new to Cubase (9.5 Pro), and I can’t seem to get Cubase to launch into my upper display of two. I typically would have the Project window on the top display (external display) and the Mix Console as a separate window on the bottom display (laptop’s display). I have a workspace set up so that the Mix Console is on the bottom display, but every time I launch Cubase, I have to drag the Project window from the laptop’s display up to the top external display and maximize it. I imagine this may have something to do with a multiple display issue in Cubase that I ran across in a forum search.

Since I am new to Cubase, I’m setting up a lot of things, and testing, which involves creating new blank projects frequently … and it’s getting a little annoying to have to drag up and maximize every time I create a project. Is there any way to tell Cubase to open in the top (external display) rather than the lower (laptop) display? The external display is, by the way, set up as the primary display in the laptop’s settings, and other applications do launch into the primary display.

Thanks for your help,

I just realized the information I gave above is not entirely correct. When launching Cubase, the splash screen and the “main Cubase window” (basically a menu bar up at the top with the desktop elsewhere) does indeed occur on the primary display (top one). But the Project Window and undocked Mix Console window appear on the secondary monitor (the laptop display down below). I’d still like to have the Project window appear on the primary display without having drag it up and maximize every time.

Interestingly, setting it up like that, and then saving the workspace, moves the Project Window down to the secondary display instantly upon saving the workspace.