Multiple Dorico SE installations

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I am trying Dorico SE after using Finale and so far it looks great. My needs are very modest now but I may move up from SE later if all goes well.
I apologize if this a rehash but I can’t pin it down; searches show a lot of info on the old licensing system and what appears to be one license per account ID. Do I have to fake it out by signing up as different user for my other computer?

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You didn’t mention what release you are trying, but I guess it is the latest V4.3. This release is using the Steinberg Licensing, as described on the website (see below) . It is always a good idea to be a bit more precise on the releases and operating systems.

To activate another computer you simply download the Download Assistant (or copy the install package from the first machine), install it and then do the Dorico installation again, as you did on your first machine.

All you need to activate is, open the Activation Manager (a tool that has been installed automatically), sign in with the same account id and then press Activate. You can do this on up to three computer.