Multiple dynamic markings under one tied note

I’m trying to create a dim that leads to a pp in the middle of a tied note, and can’t seem to find a way to do it.
I attached an image with the result I want to get.
To achieve this result I have to notate the rhythms without tying. Then, I added the dynamics, and only then I added the ties. Had I wanted to add the dynamics after tying, I wouldn’t be able to.

Am I missing anything?

I have had this issue too. Also, I have not been able to find a way to undo ties other than deleting all the tied notes and then re-inputting which is quite a pain.

Create the notes (including ties).

Ensure you are in note entry mode (press Return if you are not).

Navigate the caret to where you want the hairpin to begin.

Shift-D “>”

Navigate the caret to where you want the pp.

Shift-D “pp”

Yep! That worked! Thanks!
Must say, I find it a little cumbersome but maybe I’m just not used to that yet.

It’s certainly different. One nice thing is that you can create the dynamics as you enter the notes, not afterwards, if you want.