multiple edit windows

hello again=)

how can I have multiple edit windows open? (to compare, line up midi and audio)

I want 2 audio editors open at the same time to “line things up, compare position etc.”
I would like to have a midi and a audio editor window open at the same time , again, to “line things up etc.”

thank you =)


This is not possible. We are using In-Place editor for MIDI, and Audio in the Lower Zone Sample Editor, or in the Project window.


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If I am understanding your post correctly, yes this is actually possible. You will need to go to the ‘Editors’ section of Preferences and uncheck ‘Editor Content Follows Event Selection’. Then you open multiple edit windows at the same time (MIDI or Audio).

I think you would probably also need to select ‘Double-click opens Editor in Window’ (This is in the same section of preferences). Not sure about that because I don’t use the lower zone much for editing.

Yes, you can do so. But you can’t sync the Zoom and the view. So it’s not really aligned.

oh wow! I thought they removed that feature in v9…

My eyelids are too heavy to check it out now, but I will when I get up again… Thx for that J-S-Q - if it really works, it will be exactly what I need… ( I use the pop up editor 100% of the time anyway…=) )

and martin, yeah, that would be very cool, (sync zoom and view) - maybe… sometime… - I can see that feature really come in handy at times…

I will follow up on this thread tomorrow=)

Thanks again , guys=)

Oh nice=)

Multiple editors are open again =) -> why did I ever think that they removed this in v9?!? lol

Cheers for the refresh J-S-Q=)
(there is even a KC for this =) )

-> and yeah, great idea to have a sync option (and linked resolution) , Martin=) - lets hope that this will come someday=)

Thanks and have a great day all=)