Multiple Elements changed when trying to change only one

I’m trying to select one bar of written work to change only that bar by right clicking, clicking voices > rhythmic slashes > slashes with stems. This changes not just this bar, but every bar in the piano part.

Similarly, when I have four instruments set to forte and I want to change just one to a different dynamic, it always changes all the dynamics at once.

It’s quite frustrating and I’m not sure how to NOT have these different elements change when I’m trying to change only one. Does anyone have an idea of how to stop that?

There are two sets of commands for changing voice. The one you’ve found redefines the selected voice as a different type of voice. You want right click > Voices > Change Voice > New Slash Voice (or up/Down-stem Slash Voice 1, if it already exists).

For dynamics, it sounds as though your dynamics are linked vertically. Unlink (right click > Dynamics > Unlink) before modifying them. Note also that the automated linking functionality can be turned off in the main Preferences dialog.


another simple way, if you want to change a dynamic in one system only: delete it and apply a new dynamic. That way they also become unlinked.
Otherwise follow the more sophisticated hints by Leo :slight_smile: