multiple failures cubase pro 10.5 as cursor loss, synchronicity failure in the new pessimistic delay.

The project window cursor disappears when you have plugins on other monitors or the cubase transport bar outside the main monitor. there are peaks of poor performance and the cpu is loaded a lot. with plugins like freak, choral, phasis … from native instruments cubase it locks up to the point of having to unplug it, like this again and again.

I have imac pro with mojave in its latest version.


Having the same issue with my cursor in Win10 with Cubase 10.5, two times now…
Once at my home studio and just now at my main studio.

Cursor just disappeared, works outside Cubase…
Only using one monitor.

Same here. Cursor loss. It’s Annoying. It looks not good when my clients working with me and… Cubase;(

Hi, I’m having the same problem now with the Cubase Pro 10.5.12 release. Windows 10… The Mouse just disappears when using a dual monitor setup.

Did anyone ever solve this? Appreciate any help:)

+1 here.

Same problem with mouse disappearing randomly in Cubase 10.5.20, dual monitor setup.

Have to completely shut down Cubase and restart then reopen full session to continue on…

Mouse seems to jump down about 4 inches every time I click on a plug in to adjust when I let go???

anybody else??

Same problem here! Win10.

I noticed it from the first day I upgraded to C10.5 (couple of weeks ago)… can’t believe this thread is from november 2019.

Same, here, the mouse pointer just disappears in Cubase 10.5.20. Dual monitor setup. Really annoying.

Happened recently to me in the past week. It just happened. I opened an empty project, dragged an mp3 into it, added Waves RComp, played with some settings, added Waves TransXMulti and the mouse was gone. It’s 6:45 pm and I’ve spent most of the day re-doing my work over and over again to experiment and find why I’m having a different issue with Cubase. I thought I could end the day with a quick couple of tweaks to an mp3. C’mon Steinberg, these issues are exacerbating and cost hours of lost productivity. smh

Haven’t found a fix yet. Is there one? (on Cubase 10.5.3)

Edit: I see this might be a Waves issues, Screen resolution issue, display driver issue or Windows issue. A Reddit post said to quickly and randomly click around the wave app until a parameter changes, then the mouse comes back. That might be easier than rebooting Cubase or plugging/unplugging mice. Good grief.