Multiple Firewire device issue


I currently have a steinberg MR816csx firewire device and also a tascam fw-1884 firewire device. I have my FW1884 connected to separate firewire card and my MR816csx connected to the on board firewire connector. My issue is, if I have them both connected, I lose the connection on one or the other. if one is connected to the on board, its fine. If one is connected to the card, it’s fine but when they are both connected and ON at the same time, I lose connection to one or the other. After some research, I see folks talking about IRQs sharing. Im sorry, but I am totally clueless when it comes to that. I know how to get to the IRQ panel but once im there, I have no idea what i’m looking for or how to see if the two are sharing. Im attaching my system info and the irq screen. Hopefully that helps. BTW, I am not trying to use both asio at the same time. I’ve had this set up in the past but just recently started getting this issue. I use the FW only as a controller. If I have not provided enough info, please let me know. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks