Multiple Flows Combined

Hi. I have completed an arrangement which is in 4 movements. So I have 4 flows. Everything is OK. Score and parts.
I have now decided to make them into one piece[one project] I copied all the flows into the one project and every instrument shows up in the full score. However, when I open an individual part, I only see the music in flow one. Flows 2,3 and 4 just say Tacet. How do I get the music for the individual parts to show up?


Did you want the arrangement to be in four flows, or one flow? Are the players assigned to the relevant flows? (e.g. if you imported the flows, did you create new players for each flow?)

It might be easiest if you share the project file itself.

Check in Setup mode that each Part Layout has all the Flows selected.

Hi benwigggy and Lillie.
This is very interesting.
I have completed 68 scores so far in Dorico but I have never touched any of layout names on the right hand side of the page. I must confess to being unsure what they are for or how they work, and as I have never seemed to need them so far, maybe ignorance is bliss… I only write stand alone 1 movement pieces. This is the first time that I am trying to combine several flows into one project.I was intrigued by what benwiggy said so I started to tick and untick some of these. I now got the second movement to show up when I opened any of the players in the lefthand list. BUT now the parts were joined together .Example I now have alto sax 1 and alto sax 2 on the same page. When I unticked all the boxes now, the first and second movement have disappeared. No problem as they are only copies.
What I was doing is importing the flows that I had previously written. I can use them as stand alone movements, but I thought that it would be nice to make them together as in a book rather than as separate pieces.
So when I import the second movement, the names of all the players in the left hand side are all duplicated Alto Sax 11 Alto Sax 21 Alto Sax12 Alto Sax 22 etc. Should I delete the duplicates or leave them there? How do I import a new flow so that the players names are not duplicated?
I am sure that the answer must be simple. Easy when you know how…

Many thanks.

In Setup mode, when you click on a Layout name on the right-hand side, you can then specify which Players and which Flows you want to have in that Layout. You do this by checking or unchecking the boxes of the Player or Flow.

(Setup is a kind of circle, as you can select a Player, and check/uncheck the Layouts and Flows; you can select a Flow, and Check/uncheck the Players and Layouts; and you can select a Layout, and check/uncheck the Players and Flow.)

If you want to ‘start again’, just delete all the Part Layouts, and in the Setup menu, choose “Create Default Part Layouts”.

Since you are new at this, you might want to create a special score layout that contains All Players and All Flows and leave it untouched. That way, if you should make a mistake and delete. I call this a Working layout and make changes here (in concert pitch with no condensing) so that, if I mess up a Layout or remove a Player from a layout prematurely, I am far less likely to lose any musical material. I never print this working score, so formatting is not important.

As you have separate files for the individual movements, this may be less important for you, but I suggest constantly backing up your combined file under different names as you learn how to work with combined-flow documents.

Hi Many thanks to Lillie, benwiggy and Derrek.
I am not sure if this is the correct way, but I have found that this works for me.
When I import a new flow to join with the flows I already have in the project, I change the default from Create new players to Merge with existing players. Now I only get one set of players , and they all have all the music for their part.
Thanks for all the help.

Take Care

You are a lucky person. I also always choose the merge option but often have some players duplicate due to small differences in the source material.