Multiple flows for songs or for instrumentations

Hi everyone,

I’m in the middle of selling (recommending!) Dorico to a mate of mine who’s a choral conductor. He wants to organise all his arrangements of various songs into a notation program. He has multiple arrangements of particular songs (Eg SSA, SATB… of Song A) as well as multiple songs. I briefly explained flows to him and how they might be helpful.

Does anyone have any thoughts on if it would be more effective for him to:

  • have all his instrumentations of Song A in one project with separate flows for each,
  • have all his SATB songs in one project with separate flows for each song, or
  • both? eg flows for songs and as many players/layouts as necessary to cover all instrumentations in each flow?

If your friend has independent files for each piece of music, Dorico is very helpful in Import>Flow. He/She can create a new file, import each flow that he/she needs — the order of flows can be changed later. Then everything is in a single file, which is great for the orchestra players (or keyboard players) because page turns can be dealt in a way more efficient way than having to change pages for each piece. Once you’ve get used to how Dorico works with breaks, it’s very fast to do a nice formatting. You simply focus on feasible page turns, no tempo indications cut by the margins, and… good taste (in that order).
The beauty of this is that a new file can easily be created for each new program, re-using stuff contained in other files.