multiple flows (multiple movements) bu don't see at bottom of setup

working on multiple movement chorus and orchestra piece, each movement in a separate flow, each with separate name (placed in info for the movement in setup).

I have finished the first draft and going back to edit the entire work, beginning with the macro view, which is the order of the movements. I went to setup but there are no flows at the bottom of the page (I wanted to re-order a movement by moving the flow at the bottom of the pg). I remember having a similar program some time ago but do not remember what the answer was (it’s usually very simple).

I did a search for flow threads, but could not find the answer. I have 38 saved versions of the work and I am not sure yet at what point the flows at the bottom disappeared (probably with the beginning of the last movement).

How can I re-order flows? You can stare at something simple forever and it is invisible until one knows the answer.

If I’m understanding your problem correctly, you should be able to press Ctrl-8 (Cmd-8) to restore your bottom panel. You should then see your flows.


works. I had associated the ctrl 8 with variables for such things as slurs and many other things, but not the flows panel. thank you very much. will
not forget this one.

wow. a very powerful tool. I have been putting separate movements into flows, but this is the first time that I actually used it; re-ordering existing flows, entering new flows and putting them in different orders. excellent.

In one of my first Dorico projects, I wrote a 20-plus-flow accompaniment to a silent film; each flow was for a different scene. I put screenshots into graphic frames at the beginning of each flow of what I needed to see (as conductor) for each scene/music change, and it worked great.

Since some of the music for similar scenes was the same, I didn’t even have to cut and paste—I just duplicated an earlier flow, dragged it to the right place, edited it as needed for its new movie scene, and went on to the next.

I think the whole flow idea is the single biggest thing (along with a LOT of smaller, elegant features) that sets Dorico apart from its competitors.

no question about it. one can read about it forever, but when confronted with the composition situation and actually use it.
there is so much in front of them as a development team in order to give us some basic tools we have had for a long time (box events, text, etc, wiggly lines or long arrows for loops, cut-out score where staff lines must go). but I am sold on dorico’s compositional Paradigm and seem to be able to find “work arounds” at this point. Hope nothing like money derails steinberg from developing this amazing product.