Multiple hardware outputs for wdm driver

I was wondering whether it is possible to direct windows default sound output to more than 1 stereo output of the MR816?

I would like to be able to output the sound into both 1-2 outputs and 3-4 outputs


I would love to have an answer to this question too.
Since asking here didn’t really help you as far as I can see, would you happen to have come across some answers elsewhere?

When I play I would like to use my monitor speakers but when I just want to listen to some music, I’d want that to be routed to my hifi equipment.
I can only manage to make that work, using cubase, importing an audio file, and using an 2nd stereo bus (attached to 3 and 4) to select for the audio track.

Somehow when I play audio outside Cubase, the sounds output defaults to the monitor speakers (attached to 1 and 2)



Hi @ all!

Please open the “Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver” Control Panel. (Its in your Windows Taskbar)
In the lower left corner you can find “WDM- Routing”.
Click on it.
A second window pops up.
Now you can choose the default outputs for the MR816 for WDM.


Open up the MR Editor; “C:\Program Files\Steinberg\MR\MREditor.exe”
switch to the setup page
Choose then the output you want to use for WDM.
You can choose one output- pair for WDM, in Cubase you can choose another pair for your ASIO stereo- master .

Hi Marcus,

Thanks for your reply.
It is indeed good to know where to configure these settings.
Also I conclude that your answer would be, that it isn’t possible to have the output routed to both port pair 1+2 and pair 3+4, at the same time instead of only to 1+2.
I’m I right?

Kind regards,


Hi Alexzander,

:arrow_right: Setup example:
Output 1+2 are used as stereo outputs in Cubase/ ASIO

Output 3+4 are used as stereo outputs for WDM

:bulb: It is possible, you just need to configure in your VST Connections the Master Output (1+2)

and for the WDM- Outputs (3+4) as I shown in my Post before.

Now you can use different outputs at the same time for different signals.

To bad there is no such thing as WDM on those screens on OSX (mac)