Multiple Horizontal Lines at same position (bug)

I’m attaching a project here. I engrave many psalms and it is common practice to have multiple verses of text (if they are two-line verses) separated by short horizontal lines to help guide the eye. Fortunately, whether by design or accident, Dorico allows you to put multiple horizontal lines in at the same rhythmic position. The problem I am having is that once I move them into place in engrave mode, they are moving on their own quite a bit. In at least one instance I noticed that it was related to nudging a lyric, however this is not the only activity that causes them to move on their own. Sometimes they snap back into place, but often they do not. You can be working on a completely different stave and they will float around by themselves. Hope to see this sorted out in D4.

Psalm 130 • If You, O Lord, Mark Iniquities (346 KB)

Although I can see what you’re reporting in your attached GIF, I’m unable to reproduce the problem for myself, I’m afraid. Nudging the same lyric shown in your GIF doesn’t reproduce the problem for me, and nor does nudging any of the other lyrics.

How very odd. This is the third or fourth project where I’ve had this issue; all native to 3.1. I’ll take another look tomorrow to see if there are reproducible actions.

I’ve had the same problem since lines were introduced in Dorico 3.1. I use them for figured bass continuation lines and when I stack more than one line in the same rhythmic position, whenever I change something else in the layout, it seems to randomly alter its vertical position—as you can see in the attached gif.

Can you attach a project that reproduces the problem?

Daniel, I’m only having this odd behavior with big files where some lag exists. When I reduce the file ‘complexity’ (e.g. remove instruments, layouts, flows), the glitch disappears. I will send you an email with a sample of the big file for privacy terms.

Thanks to Albert’s reproducible case, we think we’ve now got this problem fixed in our internal builds.

Oh excellent! I was prepping for choir and didn’t have a chance to revisit my file, so I’m thrilled to read this. These lines are proving terribly useful, and I’m so glad we can “stack” them. I’ll be even happier when the next build is released.

Thank you so much, Daniel! :smiley:

Daniel, just asking… when will the next update that comes with this fix be available?

There are no further updates planned for Dorico 3.1.x, so it’s not going to be in the near future, I’m afraid.