Multiple Input Channels In Cubase

Hello Forum,

I am currently planning on building a tracking and control room in my house and need some help trying to figure out some of my hardware needs.

I currently have alot of software that I was hoping would replace some hardware but I’ve been trying to figure out how to get multiple inputs assigned to each track in cubase. I recognize this is a Hardware issue with my digital interface which is currently a m-audio pre. This interface allows for a left and right channel input.

Is there another option that would allow me to select hopefully more than 4 inputs on each, then multitrack within cubase, instead of a analog mixer into a stereo image on one digital track?

Stephen Raghunath

Note to get good latency, I had to set it as the sound card, which does not allow additional sound options from the computors motherboard sound card(not that id use it, but my option would probably be a replacement hardware, rather than an addition)

A good controller for mixing in cubase would be a good tip as well :slight_smile:

Cubase is only going to recognize left and right as separate inputs. The only way to multitrack from each is to record each part separately on each input. So in essence, you will only be able to record 2 parts at a time. (left and right)
To multitrack more than that, you will have to get an interface with more inputs.
I’m using a Tascam FW-1082 which is kind of an all in one unit. It is my sound card, controller, mixer and interface. It allows 10 inputs and has touch sensitive motorized faders and decent preamps. I think it is the best bang for the buck out there. I paid $5xx for it new. You can find it used and in good shape for less than 4.
There is also it’s big brother, the FW-1884 which allows for 18 inputs which I’ve seen for $6xx used and in good condition.
If you are only looking for something new, there are many choices of multi-input interfaces which I’m sure someone can chime in on what’s best.

Hmm some good deals indeed those are.

Just to make UTTERLY clear to myself, with an digital audio interface that says 12x12 input/output, with 8 1/4" ins means that within cubase I will be able assign the 8 channels separately and record them simultaneously into cubase with each having its own effects on the 8 tracks?

Feel free to put in what you feel is a good interface all!

True (taking in consideration the ASIO drivers of the device supports the multiple inputs).

If you want an easy way to expand your inputs later on I would advice to look for a product with ADAT in next to the analog ins. That way you can expand your channels with 16 more without to much fuzz.
Cubase is not able to run more than one ASIO device at the same time.

Depending on your budget, be sure to check out RME-Audio in your quest for a new interface. They have some rock solid products. My card is almost 10 years old and still running like a charm.

Good luck!