Multiple inputs configuration

I feel dumb but I’m sure that ive done this before and now it’s not working. I have only two physical input channels on my interface. Sometimes i want to record a stereo signal, sometimes i want to record one or two mono signals. After i configured my stereo input in F4, there is no way to add the mono ports. Cubase says “this port is exclusively used”. Why? What can I do? I want to have the routing option to pick Mono (analog 1, or 2) or Stereo (analog 1 and 2) as needed. Im going crazy here please advice. Of course I understand that I can’t use them simultaneously.

c13 pro win RME ADI2 pro

Check out the Control Room, set up your monitors something like this:
… then you can add multiple input busses like this:
and choose from them when setting up track input sources.

I have my control room set up exactly like you have already. If I try to set up a stereo bus like the one you have called “synth” there, cubase just tells me that input isn’t available because it’s already used in mono 1

Check that you are using the RME ASIO driver (it may display differently for your device):

If you use an input in control room then it is no longer available as you have assigned it to something. Set up another preset in control room without the stereo input defined. You will then be able to create stereo and mono inputs in connections input section.

Yes of course

Ah thanks, maybe there is a input configured in control room then. It must work to assign both to the same two inputs (!) because user here above Mr Soundman clearly has exactly my desired setup working. This is not dependent on interface functionality right? Two audio inputs should always he configurable as both stereo and mono options?

Yes you should be able to do that.

Can you please explain, I feel that you have put me in the right direction but I can’t get passed the error message “this input (or output) is used exclusively”. Also in this forum post everyone concludes that it can’t be done:

Its OK I get it now. You can assign the same physical I/O to input and output buses freely, but when it comes to CUE sends and External FX, Cubase is very rigid and does not allow any flexibility. You can’t use mono 1 for example for Que 1 (mono) and mono 1 and 2 for Que 2 (stereo) for example, they need to be exclusive. I hope they fix this, it’s a bummer.

Check this,maybe it can be useful

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Thanks. Yes that works also only for the monitors in Control room, and the options become freely routable - However still not with Cue sends or Ext FX

It also applies to External Instruments. I ran into a wall with this issue, and it made me quit using Cubase. I REALLY wanted to use Cubase for my newest album, but didn’t want to drop a huge amount of cash just to deal with the routing limitations. I really don’t see how people work around this. There’s no way I can incorporate a studio full of external effects and synths with how Cubase make inputs exclusive based on use.

I went back to Studio One and had zero issues hooking everything up the way I needed it, and was writing music in a couple of hours. Seriously disappointed in Steinberg.