Multiple inputs

The VST SDK lets you add as many inputs as you want with addAudioInput

I am just curious if there is a “standard” way for hosts to handle this. In Reason (by Reason Studios), because of the use of the physical rack model and wiring, it is pretty trivial as you simply get a pair of sockets for each (stereo) input and then you simply connect whatever output from any device you want.

In the VST world I have no clue how you do this. For example if I have 4 inputs, usually Input 1 will be “auto” wired if I declared my device to be an effect and add it in the effect chain: the output of the instrument will be assigned to input 1. In case of input 2 I have noticed that some hosts/daws represent this as the sidechain and let you select it in a dropdown. But what about input 3 and 4?


You’re right: Each host has its own way to support multiple inputs.
For example Cubase supports for now only 2 inputs… This may change in the future.