Multiple instances of Halion Sonic

If I search Explorer in Windows 10 for Halion Sonic about 20 instances are found. I have Cubase 11 (64). What is free with Cubase? What is the minimum I should have?

I see Halion Sonic, Halion Sonic 3, -3.1.15, - SE3, - 3.4.10, - 3.4.30, and -SE. But when I start Cubase 11, I see “Halion Sonic not yet permanently activated.”
Which should be permanently activated and how?

Halion Sonic SE 3 comes with Cubase.

Halion Sonic 3 is a separate program that can be bought and needs a separate license. If you also installed Halion Sonic 3 and don’t have a license for it then you get this message.

Thank you. I’ve removed all except -SE.