Multiple Instances of HUI for API owners

Hello Steinberg.

Here’s another request for this. API has launched version 2 of their beloved 2448 and 1608 consoles. Their Final Touch automation packages utilize HUI over MIDI/MTC for DAW control. In order to take full advantage of API’s automation/DAW control, you need a tool that supports multiple instances of HUI if you want to track using all channels available; where one can arm tracks, mute, solo on the fly. I use REAPER now because multiple instances of HUI aren’t possible in Steinberg. REAPER does exactly what I tell it to do. Cubase 10 is useless to API owners in this case at this moment in time. I’m not posting this to boast about REAPER - I’m simply putting this out there to let you know this feature would be immensely helpful to analog people/studios like us. I only use Cubase for small tracking which makes your tool feel well, not “legitimate” enough in the pro sense (no offense). I don’t mix in it either because again, I would want to have full use of multiple banks of HUI. My Christmas wish is for Steinberg to finally support multiple instances of HUI. If REAPER can do it, why can’t Steinberg? You can do this! I believe in you.

Thank you for listening Steinberg - Happy Holidays and best wishes!

Steinberg is Yamaha. If you need a controller you need to buy a Nuage.

If the hardware vendor need to integrate with cubase they can get a software SDK under NDA for their device.
Don’t expect Steinberg to help Yamaha’s competitors for free.

Unfortunately community cant help since the community cant get a NDA.