Multiple instances of same MIDI controller

For some reason my Novation 25sl Remote is no longer controlling anything. My M-Audio Oxygen is working as it always did, as a keyboard and a controller. The Novation Remote still triggers notes but the mixer section etc doesn’t control the Cubase mixer as it did.
If I look at the MIDI control manager in Studio, there are multiple instances of the Remote and they are all connected.
I’m not even sure of how to get rid of them all to start again!

Hi, I have to guess you have made multiple surfaces in the past for trial purposes. The way to go is to disable each one of them, or even permanently delete them if you don’t want them at all, by clicking on the “down” arrow at the right side of the remote surface and click on “Disable Controller Script” or on the “trash” button for deletion as shown in the following screenshot:

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Thanks for your suggestion.
Strangely enough, it’s started working again for no bloody reason! Now my sound has gone!
Back to the drawing board.

Now it’s stopped working again and I can’t find the actual page that MC suggested I visit to delete my Novation instance of a MIDI controller.
My brain is completely fogged. I set it up as best as I could and strangely it worked, but that was months ago. Is there an idiots guide? I’m not even sure of which ports to connect the Novation to. It’s stuck in a USB on the front of the PC!