Multiple Instrument Numbering Questions/Overrides

Ok… where to begin?

I am working on a Percussion Ensemble Book that has 4 separate pieces (4 separate flows).

The last flow has 2 marimbas, however the first flow only has 1 marimba. On Flow 1, I deselect Marimba 2 from being part of flow, the problem is, I now I get “Marimba 1” displayed in Flow 1. I need it to only say Marimba. I can’t change the name, because in the last Flow I need it to say Marimba 1.

Is there any way to override the numbering function for a specific flow?

The other issue is similar… I have a percussion 1 part in Flow 4 that has a snare drum (arguably part of a drum kit). In Flow 1 I need a stand alone snare drum that is not part of a kit (single line instrument). When I add the snare drum to have a 1 line staff, it shows “Snare drum 2” and I am trying to remove that number as well.

Are there any thoughts on this?


Off the top of my head I’m not sure that the Marimba issue is an issue at all - double check that you’ve not already manually edited the name of the first marimba to say “Marimba 1”. Regardless, the quickest workaround I can think of is to have a third Marimba player and stick it in its own group. Use that for the first flow, use Marimbas 1 and 2 for your last flow, and assign Marimba 1 and “Marimba” to the same part layout. You’ll need to override the part layout name but that’s as easy as double clicking it in the right panel of Setup mode and typing “Marimba 1”.
Use the same approach for the snare(s).

I like this thought!!! Thanks Leo! I will give it a try!


Ok… this will work for score presentation, but now will be confusing for Part layout…

I guess I failed to give all the information. The Marimba in Flow 1, will also be the player of Marimba 1 in Flow 4. Going the group method, I would have individual “players”. I am avoiding putting “Marimba 1” in Flow 1 because it might lead to confusion about “Where is the Marimba 2 part?”.


You take the same approach in the part layout as the score. Add both the Marimba and the Marimba 1 to the part layout, but only check the layout’s appropriate marimba for the flow that it is in. Edit the name of the layout to whatever you want. (404 KB)


I read your answer last night and was confused… maybe I was tired, I don’t remember now. This morning with a brand new look at things, your idea makes perfect sense! Between you and Leo this is a closed cased.

Sadly after all of this questioning, I was informed that the parts for each score do not need to be together in a single book. Like any other score, the parts will be separate for each piece and not all together in one book.

There are a few projects where I will have to use this method, and it will certainly be helpful. But for now, I do not need to worry about it.

Thanks again to everyone who helped!!! What a great community and some very bright people!