Multiple Instruments sounding simultaneously on one staff.

Is it possible to have multiple instruments playing the same notes on one staff. For example, I want a xylophone and a marimba to always play the same music throughout an entire flow, so, to save space and promote clarity, I want one line of music where the xy and marimba are assigned to it. The label might be Xylophone and Marimba. Is that a possible setup?

This is not Change Instruments, where one player is switching between xy and marimba, but instead two players are playing identical notes from a single staff.

This is also not multiple voices on a staff, instead, it is one compositional voice played by two unlike instruments. (Until I get a clear answer, I’m going to experiment with multiple voices on one staff, but where the voices are in unison, though I suspect I may run into some issues with stem direction, even if I use a color property to make one voice completely transparent.)

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

You can set the MIDI channel of multiple instruments in HALion to the channel controlled by a single Player/Staff.

Although I did not do it here, you can also change the Name of the player to reflect both instruments.

Do note that this will be global and not confined to a single flow, unless you create a second instrument for this, to be used only in the flow you need.

Wow. Thank you @Derek. Embarrassing simple. Well, when you know. Which I didn’t. But you did. And you told me. So now I do. Thanks to you.