Multiple instruments/sounds in Keyscape

Hi there!
Great fan of Dorico, keep up the good work!
A couple of days ago I bought Keyscape, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get multiple instruments or multiple sounds with for instance, two pianoplayers.

When I try to open the Keyscape plugin for two different instruments in Play mode, it opens the same one.
I’ve tried changing the ports/channels, but in Keyscape I don’t know how to see what instrument is what channel.

Is it possible to have multiple instrument sounds in Dorico? I also use Keyscape in Logic, and there it’s no problem…

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the forum, Hanneke. I’ve never used Keyscape, but a quick look at the Spectrasonics web site seems to suggest that each instance of Keyscape can only play a single instrumental sound at once, so if you want two piano players to play different sounds, you’ll need two instances of the plug-in. When you try to add another instance by clicking the + button in the action bar at the bottom of the VST Instruments section of the right-hand panel in Play mode, what actually happens? You should get an extra entry in the list from which you can choose to load a new instance of Keyscape, independent from the first one.