multiple interfaces question


I am running windows7…

Is it possible to:

have a second usb audio interface only for audio inputs ?


scenario: my babyface is the main card - but i would like to also hook up a iconnectmidi-x+ and use this for inputting audio (and midi) from an ipad. possible?


Hi ggc,

Possible, yes I think so, search out ASIO for all. It’s an alternative driver that allows you to access different interfaces at the same time through the ASIO protocol. I haven’t looked at it for a few years so I don’t know how it’s developed but it’s not renowned for low latency or stability but you may be able to tweak it into submission.



hiya paul=)

thanks for your reply=)

yah, i haven’t used asio4all since over a decade… lol - seen that option on the net too but am not convinced that this would be an ideal solution…
still looking for a more elegant steinberg option… (asio3, internal aggregate, multi-in?)
in theory, I would not know why we couldn’t use multiple inputs somehow…
I know apple has aggregate devices…
i dont need multi-out to various devices… just multi input options…
maybe steinberg gurus can comment please?

p.s. this device is class compliant and needs no drivers…
-> can I choose it as an audio input along my babyface or not dear steinbergians?

It’s not how the ASIO model works.

If you have 2 of the same audio-interfaces that are able to pair, the ASIO driver of that particular audio interface combines them. That means you can also use that in Cubase.

If you want 2 different devices to work together, you have to use ASIO4ALL.

If both are not a suitable solution for you, you have to buy a new audio interface with enough input and outputs.

yes, i know all of this… I dont care to use asio4all because it uses wdm…

The ASIO model could work like this with a few minor tweaks. - also, I only need one card to support asio- my main card. the other one would simply provide an extra input. shouldnt be that hard to manage.
I have plenty of interfaces… digi96, hdsp9652, maudio etc etc… its not more inputs that Im after. its separate inputs. As i am on a laptop n babyface now, I dont want the audio going from an ipad going through a dock into my babyface - many conversions along the way. I want a streamlined solution meaning, iconnectmidi feeding the audio digitally into my laptop- no conversions along the way.
Shouldnt be that hard to allow audio inputs from another device ??
thanks for your help though.
Question to steinberg: is this a possibility in the near future?

ASIO4all actually works very well. I have an RME Digiface (PCI) and occasionally I use ASIO4all to get sound from my Ipad (via Iconnectivity Iconnect2) and it works well. In ASIO4all I open all of my Digiface ins and outs (so Cubase still retains my input/output and Control Room routing) AND Iconnect stereo in. Actually, with just the Digiface I/O in ASIO4all, the driver is not much different in performance than the native RME driver.It’s worth taking a look anyway…

Hiya beatpete=)

Good info, thx=)

Doesnt asio4all jump to wdm mode when having multiple interfaces connected? (im thinking of latency and cpu use here)
(when only using one interface, asio drivers are used?)

ech i cant decide… i ordered a iodock2 but am quite fond of the iconnectmidi concept… dunno if i have time to change the order :confused:
maybe sometime in the future… when ASIO evolves… (like vst :wink:) -edit: or even cubase:P)

anyway, heads up =)