Multiple issues with Cubase Studio 5

Help, please! I was having multiple issues with this program (detailed below) and found the “final update” this morning. Hoping that would fix my woes I installed that–now I can’t even get the program to open.

I get this message:

Application ‘Cubase Studio 5.0’ has caused the following error:

DCOM connection to program ‘Synsopos.exe’ failed.
Error:The server threw an exception.

and then it hangs on “initializing eLC.” Yes, dongle is in and the software was legally purchased and registered.

I was having significant issues before but I was able to work. Now I’m paralyzed!

My system:
Toshiba A660D 0Laptop with AMD Phenom II P940 Quad-core 1.7 gHz
Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)
M-Audio Fast Track Pro USB interface
M-audio Oxygen 25 keyboard
One plugin–Groove Agent 3
The only other programs installed are Internet Explorer and AVG anti-virus (which I removed this morning; could that be causing the hang??)

Issues I was having when I was able to use the program:

  1. Frequent messages that Graphics Driver has quit working and recovered. This usually happens after I’ve been using the program for an hour or two. The screen will freeze but music will continue to play. After about 10-15 seconds all will appear back to normal but this will keep happening every few minutes so I have to shut down and restart.

  2. Complete program shutdown–this tends to happen after I’ve sampled a bunch of loops or other audio files

  3. Groove Agent mysteriously stops working. I’ll click run and it will work for awhile and then, without warning, I’ll have no drums and have to go back and click “Run” again.

  4. I frequently lose my settings as far as ASIO drivers, MIDI inputs, etc. and have to reset them. Often I have to restart the program to get these to apply properly

  5. If I try to go from one big project to another it usually causes one or more of the above issues and pretty much seizes up.

  6. In a somewhat unrelated issue (I think)–I can’t get a high-level signal through my M-Audio interface. I have to crank my monitors and, through headphones, I have to crank everything up to max to get it loud enough.

Obviously, this is not a good working setup. I can’t lose 10 minutes of every hour dealing with some kind of snafu.

I was going to upgrade to the full version of Cubase 6 but I’m afraid of updating to an unstable foundation. Am I warranted in this? Would it be possible to pay for the upgrade price but actually get a full-version of Cubase 6 that I can install clean?

Can anyone out there help me with this? I’m really just trying to use this as a high-quality demo station; I’m a pretty low-power user (mostly tracking guitars and vocals using Groove Agent as my percussion section) so I’m surprised at the instability of this program. I use Cubase LX on an old XP machine that had no such issues whatsoever.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to provide their time and expertise.

Download and install the latest eLicenser. The update overwrote it. Have you ever trashed Prefs?

thanks–I just completely uninstalled the whole program and reinstalled and updated. So far so good. I’ve been playing with loops and Halion sounds and no crashes or glitches. Keep your fingers crossed!

I’m afraid I’m not sure what “trashing pref’s” is. Is that something I need to do regularly or just as a troubleshooting measure?

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I will give that a try. I think my Groove Agent issues are probably tied to this somehow.

I did have a “serious error” message last night although the program ran enough for me to continue long enough to save and close properly.

It seems like Cubase is pretty stable for most others (that’s ultimately what sold me on it) but I’m definitely having issues on this computer. What are the thoughts on upgrading to full-version 6? Am I going to build upon my instability issues or might it solve them?

Trash Prefs and give it a go. Are you running 32 or 64 bit Cubase?

thanks so much for your help.

When I reinstalled I chose the 32-bit version but I think previously I installed the 64-bit version. I have 4 gigs of RAM and it sounds like 64-bit is mostly for systems with greater than that amount, is that correct?

I’m working on a demo and have an appointment with a producer here shortly so I haven’t trashed pref’s yet but I’ll give that a try.