Multiple Key signatures

Dear all,

I’m sure this is explained somewhere in the manual but I couldn’t find it. How do I input an independent key signature for a single staff? I want one staff to always stay in one key signature while all other staffs change traditionally.

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In the Shift+K popover, type the desired key signature, then hold the Alt key as you press Return, and the key signature will be created on the staff you’re working on.

(You just need to make sure you have something selected that only belongs to that staff when you open the popover - if you have e.g. a shared barline selected, Dorico won’t know which staff to input the local key signature on. The relevant page is here, just in case it’s still helpful!)

Ah, thank you! That is wonderfully easy. Is there a shortcut to select the entirety of a single staff?

There are various selection tools/methods, see here. If this is in the context of inputting a local key signature, you only need to select one item - the key signature applies from that position onwards, until the next key sig or the end of the flow.

Amazing. Thank you. :slight_smile: