Multiple Layers Causing Glitchy Work Flow

Hey guys! I’m trying to work with up ten layers pulled in to work on. They are MP3 and were causing a great deal of glitch. My question is is there any kind of tips or tricks on lowering the load on Spectralayers?

How many layers should I be able to use?

I’ve redone it with 6 layers I believe and it seems ok. But It’s still a bit glitchy. Any ideas?

Well, overall performance depends on your computer, of course, as does any software.
But what I can recommend, is to check your current settings in the Display Panel. A large FFT window size needs more calculations than a smaller one. Personally, for the more rougher edits and placements I work with a FFT of about 512 to 2048 samples, only when I need to edit a more specific frequency I go up to 4096 samples and above. What also has a huge impact on performance, is the setting for Resolution, especially in combination with high FFT size. A higher Resolution may give you some more clarity within the spectral image, but at the cost of performance. A Resolution of x2 to x3 is enough for myself.


This is something I have been dealing with since the release of spectralayers. I would suggest turning down fft size.

Hopefully more optimizations will improve performance of spectralayers, so that you can use 20 layers with high fft size settings and no lag or optimization issues.

I spoke with their customer service but FFt size is what it took to get smooth scrolling. I went in to preferences and set it low upon opening.

FFT size was as far as I can tell the culprit. I set it low and now 6 or 7 layers are moving around just fine.

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Have you upgraded to SpectraLayers 10 ? It’s 2 to 3 times faster to compute and display the spectrogram than SpectraLayers 8 or 9.
Also, do you know what CPU and GPU you have ?
On a 3-4 years old machine with SL10 it should not be an issue to display and scroll through 10 layers.

in a few days or weeks you will be able to use a graphics card which will do the calculations instead of your cpu. I have a ryzen 9 7950 x3d. very powerful. my radeon 6700xt graphics card far exceeds my cpu. I was able to do some tests and really with a good graphics card it’s formidable

What do you mean a few days or weeks? Are you giving me a new computer? Just kidding but I dont know whatyou mean. I have autism which makes indirect speech difficult to follow.

Lowering fft helped tramendously but I will keep in mind the graphics card scenario if I ever get me a good build going.

It’s an older laptop. Lenovo Legion. It meets the specs.

ha sorry chris. I didn’t know it was a laptop.
I also wanted a laptop. I gave up because of the price but also because they heat up a lot. $1800 or $2000 to have a powerful product does not suit me. I bought a small lenovo but I can see that it is not suitable for what I would like to do with it. but I’m not an expert, maybe there are powerful and cheap laptops.
if I were rich it is with pleasure that I will send you a model that exceeds all our expectations but I am not. according to Robin a new patch will be released with the possibility of having the calculations made via the graphics card. robin created a topic about it on the forum.

My man! You just gave me a great idea. Trade my laptop for a nice desktop. I’ll have to check that out. You are a genius! I dont need the portability.

hi chris. the difference is amazing. I recommend the amd ryzen 9 7900 or 7950 x3d processor. the temperature does not rise above 73 degrees. it consumes less but has remarkable performances. the only problem is the high price but I tell myself that it is more interesting to spend a little more and keep the computer for several years. a purchase once and for all and finished. I hope you can access aix better solutions.

I think the op means having 10-20 layers with high fft size and not processing unmixing. Yes there is hardware acceleration with unmixing process but there is a lack of optimization with display performance and fft size.

I can post an example with a project file that has 12-18 layers with an fft size of around 4000-8000 to demonstrate what I believe the op is referring to.

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With low fft it as smooth as butter but I’m certain batting around the idea of what you’re talking about. Thanks.