Multiple "Library not found" dialogs without an option to skip them all

Hi, I use a laptop and keep libraries on an external SSD (sidenote: including most of the Steinberg staff, although I moved, e.g., all Groove Agent staff in Steinberg Library manager to external SSD.
However, in /Library/Steinberg there are a lot of Groove Agent related files; I don’t know why).

If I forget to plug this disk in, I see multiple dialog windows that a library not found. Is it possible to collect this error messages somehow, and if there are, say, 5+ of them, just to allow some batch action?

This is a screencast (950 KB): Bildschirmaufnahme 2023-07-19 um - pCloud

I’ve checked now in Cubase 12.0.70, and this behavior is still there.


Have you tried holding down the esc key when the dialog appears to dismiss them all? This would work on Windows, I presume Mac would be the same in this regard.

Oh, thank you! Pressing and holding esc works on macOS as well.

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