Multiple License Question

Hi my Steinberg Friends,

I work as a lecturer at a Military Music School teaching Sibelius for their LRSM and ABRSM arrangments etc.

I purchased the educational crossgrade for the school mainly for researching the software, and it’s development…and I great faith this software is going to be the major player of all notators because I know the developers are the best in the world. That being said, I would like to phase in Dorico, but before that, I need some info:

  1. Apparently, I can’t as yet teach Dorico as the software is naturally still under development, but that’s no problem but 1st and 2nd Repeat endings and other basic notation capabilities are required before I can fully replace Sibelius; and
  2. What will a license cost per new PC if I would like to install Dorico on that PC in the classroom. Will this license also be considered at an educational price?

May I also ask, are there any video of white paper tutorials learning Dorico. I must admit, I am quite a power user of Sibelius, Notion, MuseScore and Finale, but I must admit running Dorico, the first impression I get looking at the screen of Dorico, it’s going to be quite a learning curve to learn the workings of Dorico. :astonished: Normally, the learning curve is always a primary concern among potential customers. I know this because of the comments I read on my Sibelius instruction YouTube videos. Finale users always complain that Sibelius is SOOOO difficult to learn…but boy oh boy…wait until they see Dorico…or is it just possible that I’m overwhelmed by the uniqueness of the software?

Thank you, my friends.


Hans Nel

P.S. I (maybe wrongly) understood Daniel when he said that if one has to edit a part/score in Dorico, the software failed to perform it’s task. Forgive me Daniel, I DO have lots of respect for you and your team, but looking at the attachments to this post, I imported a musicxml file and this was the result. Ok, no problem, but HOW do I go about getting Dorico to display my score correctly?

The staff size (in Dorico ‘space size’) isn’t determined by XML so you need to adjust that to your liking in Layout Options.

May I also ask, are there any video of white paper tutorials learning Dorico.

Hi Hans-does this help?

Thanks Bob

Any idea about purchasing extra educational licences for classroom installation?

I believe you can get discount if you buy multiple licenses for school. Drop them email.