Multiple Lines of Lyrics Run Off the Page?


I’m working on a transcription of a hymn-style piece, with a single alto part, with occasionally up to four lines of lyrics. Unfortunately, the 4th line is getting truncated off the page. Just wondering what the steps would be to remedy this; thanks!

I think the best way here is to simply adjust the page parties of the Lay-out in Lay-out options.

Hi @klafkid, thanks for this.

I forgot to mention that this only happens in 2 pages out of about 15. The other pages are ok?

Whoops, I asked the question too soon. I just discovered that there’s a 30-day trial of Pro available (I was working with Elements and was hoping to soon upgrade), and found that a simple override on those pages solved the problem.

The overrides might solve this problem, but I wouldn’t really recommend it. From this point on, any changes you make to the master pages will not take affect on the pages with overrides.

If you are finished with your project, the overrides will do.

If you are not, then what you could do is duplicate the standard master page, edit it to shorten the music frame (blue) on the bottom. Then, apply a master page change to only the pages you have an issue.
This is a little more „stable“ to possibly upcoming changes. (Though not all changes of course, such as reordering the flows etc.)

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P.S. I heard there is a special offer around the corner, maybe it will also concern updates from Elements to Pro.

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