Multiple locations for same vstsound files

I have set the download location for Download Assistant to a separate drive than the drive set in My Library Manager. When Content installation is completed, I am not totally sure whether the content has been moved to the Library Manager specified drive or not, as there are vstsound files left over in the Download Assistant download folder but are not on the other drive. I thought that the installation would automatically know where to put the vstsound files. Am I supposed to manually move the vstsound files? Is the Download Manager folder supposed to be the same as the vstsound folder?


In the Steinberg Download Assistant, you define, where to download the file. In the Steinberg Library Manager, you set where the library really sits.

Thanks, Martin. This is how I have it set up, but when all is said and done the files are in both places. I assumed the download location would be purged after the installation, with the files in the final location, only.

If I understand correctly you have .vstsound files in two locations 1) the Download Manager’s default location 2) the location where you store your sound libraries. Additionally some of those .vstsound files might only exist in one of those locations while others are in both locations and there is no way to tell which is where.

If I were in that position here’s what I’d do (PC centric)

  1. Before starting make sure there is a good system backup you can restore from if things go bad
  2. Move (not Copy) all the .vstsound files in the Download Folder into your Sound Library Folder
  3. When prompted about duplicate files choose the option to overwrite the existing files with the ones being Moved. This should ensure you have one and only one copy of each .vstsound file.
  4. In the top level Library Folder double+click on any .vstsound file. This will launch the Library Manager and register every .vstsound file it finds in that Folder plus any Subfolders.

I usually change the Download Folder in the Download assistant depending on if I’m downloading programs or content.

Thanks for the suggestion. I did as you suggested and even noticed that the duplicate file in the sound folder was older than the one in the download folder. This is disturbing as it suggests that the file in the download folder failed to be transferred to the sounds folder, or was transferred but not deleted. Perhaps this is a bug? Also, when I double clicked on a file in the sounds folder it did a scan of all the files in the folder but popped up a window when it was done stating that there were no changes made, that the files were already registered. Strange, since the files moved from the download folder were actually newer than their matches in the sounds folder. I would have thought that the new files would need to be registered, though perhaps the filenames matched what was already previously registered. I guess the files don’t contain any version information.

That message is not really about the file itself. Rather it is saying that A) it already knows the specific Library exists & B) the Library’s location hasn’t changed.

Thanks. Moving forward I will continue to follow the steps you outlined. I appreciate your help.