Multiple machines Cubase 8 Pro

So I have Cubase 8 installed on two machines. I have my license on a USB dongle. I would like to move one of my machines over to our band practice area and record practices there and be able to come home and work on them on my 2nd machine. However, I am worried about all that back and forth with my dongle. Is there a way to check in/out licenses so I can easily switch machines like I do with my waves plugins? What is the best route to go here to be able to use two machines?

No… you have to move the dongle. There is no way around this if you want to use your Pro version on more than one computer.

Purchase another Pro license and install that… expensive
Purchase another “lesser” version of Cubase that uses a Soft eLicense and install that… not as expensive.
Go purchase some hardware that you always wanted (just make sure it comes with a free version of Cubase) and install that.
Check with a pal to see if they have a version of Cubase they are not using and install that.

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Figured it was worth asking! Thanks for the quick response.

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