Multiple Marker Tracks - missing tracks in export dialogue

Maybe I’m doing something wrong!

I create three marker tracks and create a cycle marker for each track. I then open up the export dialogue, select ‘export cycle markers’ but only one of the three shows up, the activated one. It updates depending on which marker track is activated, but only one shows.

Any ideas anyone?
My CB9 install.JPG


I would say, this is an expected behavior.

How so? Did you see the attached images, the behaviour shown in Steiny’s own vid shows the function acting in the same way that it does in Nuendo, but in my install it does not. Are you using CB9 pro?

Check out the vid at 1.09 mins

Yes, I saw… Only the active Marker track is present. Same as it is in Nuendo for years.

Thank you. Call it a brain dead moment. Thought something new had been added but as you state, its the same! :slight_smile: