Multiple markers at the same time stamp?

I am brand new to Wavelab Elements (having used Peak LE for the last 15 years) and have a question regarding markers.

In Peak le (and I can also do this in Sound Forge) I was able to have several markers at the same exact point in time (for example: 3 markers with different names at 2 sec 879ms). It seems that Wavelab Elements can’t do this.

I compose for games/interactive so liberal use of markers for all sorts of odd reasons is very important.

I hope I didn’t just set $100 on fire.

Thanks in advance!


This is possible. Just create the markers #2 and #3 on the side, and move/snap them to the desired position.

Thanks for the info. The problem I ran into was as follows…

I had a song in a Logic Project that had multiple markers at the same exact point in time. After the song was bounced, and subsequently opened in WL7 Elements, only 1 marker remained at that exact point in time. The other 2 were missing.

If I opened that file in Peak LE or Sound Forge, all of the markers remained.