Multiple Midex 8's on a Mac Reversing

I am running 2 Midex-8 USB interfaces on my Mac with Cubase 8 Pro. They are both connected to the Mac on separate USB ports. Every once in a while, the interfaces seem to reverse with each other (Midex 1 switches with Midex 2) so all of the devices connected to each do not play back properly. When I go to Audio MIDI Setup and test the ports, they all work fine but the box labeled Midex 1 is outputting MIDI as the Midex 2 box and vice versa.
I am guessing it is a USB driver issues which somehow initializes one box as #1 and the other as #2 and occasionally confuses (reverses) them.
Any ideas on how to permanently keep this from happening? Is it possible to edit the Steinberg USB driver or give each Midex it’s own unique device ID?
I don’t want to have to reset all of my MIDI connections in setup each time this happens - that fixes it for a while and then randomly they will reverse again.


It’s a shame you can’t save midi port setup profiles, that would allow you to just make 2 presets, one for each configuration. Not a solution but a quick fix if they change again.
No idea how you would change the driver to prevent this… Maybe if you turn them on after the mac is on, one by one it doesn’t happen?