Multiple MIDI channel / part linking

Cubase 8.5.1 / iMac 2015 / El Capitan

So…I just ran into a weird problem that I thought was a bug, but apparently an inadvertent mouse-click. Passing this along…

Ever had several MIDI parts/channels highlight and open for editing simultaneously while clicking on only one? Can’t seem to de-select any of the parts so that you can edit just one? Tried hitting Command-G then Command-U, closing the project and re-opening, quitting Cubase and re-opening, just to find out the problem was still there?

I tried all of the above and was going nuts for about 15 minutes, then found the answer:

I keep all of my MIDI (audio, etc.) organized inside folders. It just so happens that I mistakenly clicked on a little orange button on the (MIDI) folder labeled, “Group Editing” (to the right of the ‘Monitor’ icon). Because it was hidden from view in the list, I didn’t notice it right away. Un-clicking this button got rid of the linking. Hope this helps someone else.