Multiple MIDI Channels, CC Data recorded to one track on separate CC lanes? Possible?

There are instances where one hardware synth is sending multiple MIDI channels of control data that I want to record separately without them overwriting or hogging the CC on a single track.

So the way I’m currently setting this up me thinks, is to just use two MIDI tracks with Input Transformer filtering out all but the respective needed individual MIDI Channels to individual MIDI tracks.

I’m just curious, if there is a way to do this on one track?

You do not describe what you want to do in an understandable way.

Do you mean you want more than one controller lane in a single midi track - recording the same controller number (but using different midi channels)?
If yes: no, this does not work. Requires separate midi tracks.

Why would you want to do what you write?
If you want multiple versions (for later decision which one to use) it is all about track versions.

I described it perfectly, take more time to read.

Because one MIDI input device can have multiple channels per control knob. I have a Novation 25SL MKII, some of it’s internal templates use 2-3 different MIDI channels which are being sent to a hardware synth which maybe has split sections in which the controls share CC numbers, and thus need to be controlled individually with different channels.

Are you familiar with how Cubase routes MIDI channels (1…16 or ‘any’)

If the device is an physical midi device you can use the Input Transformer to sort channels and parameters, but you can’t differentiate between ports- everything routed to the track will be treated as one input.

Yes. Any/1…16 is for output only, Where as Any/DeviceSelection is input.

What I was curious about, is if there is a way I didn’t know of, to essentially record multiple MIDI channel information onto one track into the same event and maintaining the separated MIDI channel information.

CC1 Channel 15
CC1 Channel 16

both recorded into one event on one track, and maintained so that they could be played back into the synth as separate CC1 channels.

Hm. You should maybe read this:

Hm. Thanks, I guess It does work but just in an semi-unusable limited way.

So it will record two streams of the same CC data from different channels and play them back separately if the output is set to ‘Any’, but it’s still somehow combined onto one CC lane and draws very strangely (not smooth)

So I guess, kinda cool it kinda works… but I think I’ll stick to using multiple tracks dedicated to each MIDI channel.

It would be a good feature for CC lanes to be separated by MIDI channel.

Uh huh. The feature request would be to have CCs transmitted on all channels, which iirc has not been the case up till now. There might be one already- it’s a frequent request.

oh whops, already made one, I will look for the other request if it’s out there