multiple MIDI input channels


I have had Cubase since C3 so I’m quite used to it. I use this forum a lot and often find it helpful reading discussions here. But now I have stepped over a problem for which I can’t find any solution in any thread. Probably it’s been discussed but I missed it.

on my iphone I have this nice app called NodeBeat. It’s great for making rhythms and I can send the MIDI information to the computer without any problem. When the info enters Cubase all of the MIDI notes reach the same instrument, even though I can address several MIDI channels from NodeBeat. This is very annoying, as I want to have different instruments for the different pulse generators.

Here’s the problem: as stupid as I am, I can’t make a setup with more than one MIDI input channel, even though I thought this should be possible and even easy. So, am I missing something or do I have wishes that can’t be fulfilled?

Please give me some advice. Preferrably without mocking me, if that’s not nessecary.


Either you use the input transforme, to filter the different channels to different tracks, that trigger different instrumnets.
You use MIDI sends and channel assignment on the output routing and set the receive channel on the different VSTi if possible

Thnx, but this is precicely where my idiocy is at it’s peak. How the f do I filter the channels?
And midi sends from my iPhone, that’s one thing, but inside the program, eh?

Cubase 7.06 Using Macbook pro 2.6 Ghz 8 G ram

Did you bother to look at the presets to see how it works? :confused:

Did. don’t get it.
But as a general thing, wouldn’t it be normal to have several midi input channels, in the same way as there are several outputs from halion one?

bothered to ask for help, as well. admitting my own limits of understanding.

Suggest you look again, it’s as plain as the nose on your face, couldn’t be simpler.

The mocking’s here…

I’ll look in the manual but please give me a hint?

As I said already: With the input transformer - You load the preset that somebody made exactly for that - very simple youi don´t need to know nothing apart from how to load a preset…

Exactly what I asked for… Now Node Beat will make masterpieces…