Multiple midi tracks on one VST plugin?

I would appreciate if someone could give me instructions on vst plugins and midi tracks.

So what I’m trying to ask is: how Can I program multiple midi tracks to use one VST plugin? Lets say that I have EWQL library and I want few tracks play violin, few tracks playing cello and so on. I tried first make each track vst tracks and few limitations came ahead. I am using Artist version and tracks are limited to 32 and also it seems to eat out cpu power this way. :nerd:

I’ve been watching videos from YouTube where people have massive ammount of tracks with many different instruments. So if someone could write simple step by step instructions on the matter I would really appreciate it!

I tried to find instructions and tips to this but with no luck.

Thank you!

I never used EWQL, but I guess that it works as a multichannel multioutput VSTi. So, it’s probably better to create a rack instrument in this way :

  1. Use Studio>VST instruments (F11) and add the EWQL Play (think it’s the VSTi that should be installed for being able to use the library ; correct me if I’m wrong…) as a rack instrument (right click>Add rack instrument…).
  2. Cubase will ask if you want to add a MIDI track : do so. Beside the VST instrument created in the VST instruments folder, it will create a first MIDI track which will use channel 1, but you’ll be able to add more with different channels after the process, also routed to EWQL Play.
  3. Once the EWQL Play is present in the rack, you can add more output busses, if needed, using the little box with an arrow coming from it in the right of the instrument panel of the VST instruments window.

By the way, it seems that the ‘Artist’ version is only limited to 32 VST instrument tracks : beside this, you have up to 128 MIDI tracks at your disposal…