multiple music frame page doesn't show flow headings

I’m working on a project that has tiny snippets of music (some 4 bars long) with spoken text. I want to fit a bunch of these on the page, some to the side of others, so I’m using multiple music frames on each page.

When I add a music frame it doesn’t show any flow heading and I can’t figure out how to get it to change. I’ve tried changing the Frame Chain, but each change removes any flow headings.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer,

David Creswell

Automated Flow Headings won’t work if there are overrides on a page (as shown by a red corner in the top right panel of Engrave mode). If you’re trying to work with multiple columns of snippets, you’ll almost certainly need to use explicit {@flow_n_Title@} tokens anyway, as the automated Flow Headings really aren’t geared up for this kind of work.

Thanks, Leo.